Podcast – the first in a long time. Blame Trump.

Yeah we got together, talked about Trump, yammered on about silly shit – even dished on a few people, did you expect any less?

Come on, kid…you know how we roll.

Podcast from the Somerville News Weekly boat

Yeah, it was a shit show and a half – but isn’t it always that way? Would you expect anything different? We toyed with having guests, but, it was also a private one year celebration of Somerville News Weekly’s 52nd edition (1 year in the books). Congrats to Billy and well, you have to listen to it for yourself. Good luck.

We disabled the old podcasts because of an internal error at GoDaddy and how they were saved on their side. Too much drama, kinda like the newspaper wars. Cunts.




We decided to throw out the old website and shake off some of the cobwebs and record a podcast while we had a mini celebration of sorts. It was a shit show, but, what do you expect?